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Computer defined
Build a pc
Inside the computer
Input devices
Output devices
Data storage
Logic gates
Types of computers
Operating systems
Application Software
World Wide Web
Web page development
Research and plagiarism
Stock control
Computer maths
Computer languages
Systems life cycle
Control systems
Data types
Identity loss
Threats to computers
IT crime
Intellectual property and copyright
The role of an it professional

Introduction to the course

         The Examination Board
CIE – Cambridge International Examinations

         The Course
Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science 0984

About Me

Hi my name is Mahdy and this is my GCSE website, I take PE, Geography and Spanish. I like geography and I love playing football and rugby. I also like to play on my Xbox. Also my favourite colour is red and Ainsley Harriot is the best chef in the world. Yaaaaa Boiiiiiiiiiiii. I will wreck any one on Fifa because I am a world class champion.



Revision Checklist
Scheme Of Work

Cambridge International Exam Board
Use MOOC website for IGSCE students
BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT
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Very useful IGCSE ICT website
w3schools - HTML & CSS tutorial and help pages
Microsoft Small Basic - Phython programming